Shabbat Shalom from Wingdale – Week 3

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ResnickWeek # 3 and CRB was buzzing with excitement!  The impressive crew of professionals leading this summer’s Sports Clinic for A-side knew exactly how to motivate and “push” our kids to excel and understand the fundamentals of a variety of sports.  From softball to Ultimate Frisbee to soccer and flag football, to hip-hop to jump rope and to basketball, the chanichim  were totally engaged.

Shorashim, for the first time ever, hiked Ramah mountain, pitched tents for their overnight and made smore’s  at a campfire.   Tzeirim  went on a tiyul  and today Cochavim ventured out of Camp on bunk trips.  Yom Sport ( CRB’s color war)  infused a surge of energy into Camp on Thursday and Friday with squeals of laughter and sportsmanship. The Zimriyah created the perfect interlude for the Green and Blue Teams ( Falafel  and Schwarma) as each edah  sang together and then danced with incredible enthusiasm.  I am always struck by the dedicated alumni band members who return year after year to perform at the Zimriyah. Combining their talents with our in-house musicians,the Ulam rocked with amazing sounds.

Camp is inspirational! We are blessed with staff and campers that are committed to forming a strong community that lasts a lifetime.

Shabbat Shalom.