Shabbat Shalom from Wingdale – Week 3

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ResnickEach week at Camp is exciting and filled with energy and activity.  However, this week’s news from Israel  filtered sundry emotions  that were and are particularly challenging for our mishlachat  and for our community at large.   Israel under attack and the mobilization of thousands of Israeli soldiers impacts us, too.  Some of our staff is in the Israeli army and others are likely to be called to serve.  Nearly everyone has a relative or friend living or spending time in Israel.

How should we/camp react?  Should we cancel our Zimriyah (Song Festival) or Chashi  (Half week of Israel programming)?   What prayers are should we insert daily into tefillot?  Dealing with all of these questions and more has heightened our sensitivity and caused us to pause.   Our Zimriyah was amazing last night and our three day Israel cultural program, organized by mishlachat, offered great programs for every camper and every edah.  Our Boker Tzrif (bunk only activities all morning long) this morning continued.  Programs have not been suspended and we are providing time to engage in conversation and nurture the needs of our Israeli staff.  The mishlachat is such an important entity in our camp.  I am very proud that the rest of our staff has shown interest and compassion and is quite attuned and attentive to our mishlachat.

Earlier this week, our first Solelim Bike trip pedaled their way through winding roads and paths while Bogrim Etgar hikers hit the trails.  From cooking to painting to pottery and rock wall climbing our campers are constantly on the go.  This week, Sports Clinic coaches spent three full days with Machaneh Aleph instructing campers in football, basketball, volleyball, hip-hop, Frisbee, and jump rope.  The agam has also become a favorite spot for swimming and boating or just simply taking a slide down the summit or jumping off the trampoline.   Our radio broadcasters are busy interviewing campers and staff while our video students are digitally recording original productions.   I am awed by all that we offer and even more impressed by how our chanichim take advantage of many opportunities.

I am looking forward to another Shabbat in camp and to greeting our alumni at Yom Bogrei Ramah and to meeting new families at our Camper 2015 Day on Sunday.   Follow us on Facebook, Kol Ramah, Instagram, YouTube and our blog!

Shabbat Shalom