Shabbat Shalom from Wingdale, Week 2

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IMG_6499Flanked in funky red, white, and blue garb, chanichim and madrichim alike enjoyed a delicious  Fourth of July Dinner filled with corn on the cob, chicken , and apple pie, and then exuberantly streamed into the Ulam  for the annual Brian Gelfand concert that rocked the entire camp. Celebrating America on Thursday contrasted by Chashi ( half week of Israel) earlier in the week,  we experienced the values of two nations that are intimately connected through Jews, Judaism and ideology.  Our week was filled with even more excitement as our first bike riders and hikers bounded outside of camp, sailboats and kayaks were launched into Lake Ellis, first time high ropes and rock wall climbers mastered  new skills, and hip-hop dancers gracefully glided across the new dance floor in the Ulam.  Twenty-six Tzeirim  campers learned how to make their own tefillin guided by a sofer, Zerach Greenfield and completed their exquisite sets on Thursday. Additionally, Saul Kaye,  a guest jazz musician specializing in tefillah, joined nearly every edah, soothing souls while sparking spiritual curiosity.

Raining nearly every day  this week our spirits were not dampened but were elevated by the creativity of our tzevet agam (waterfront staff), tzevet sport ( sports staff), and tzevet al hagova (outdoor education) who introduced our chanichim to new games, adventures, and skills using all of our indoor facilities, especially in the Ulam.  Today’s Boker Tzrif, programs designed specifically by bunk counselors for their tzrifim, highlights,too,  informal education and ingenuity at its best!

As we approach the second Shabbat of our 50th season, we extend gratitude to our staff, committed volunteers and parents who continuously support and enrich all CRB programs.  Todah Rabah!

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Paul Resnick