Shabbat Shalom from Wingdale

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Yom Orchim, Visiting Day has been a highlight of my summers at Camp and this summer was no different. Witnessing the joy of parents, friends and relatives reuniting with our campers is affirming. I always enjoy the opportunity to speak to the parents of our oldest campers as well as welcoming our first timers.

This year, we opened the agam and Rockwall for our visitors.  I was so thrilled to see so many people taking advantage of these activities. The Future Home of Omanut was also a hub for many who reviewed the exquisite art work, produced by our chanichim, and learned about our plans to build an Art Center. The day was glorious!

As the last bus pulled out of Camp, the chanichim were already involved in activities and tzevet Hofa’ah was rehearsing for the zimriyah,  to be held a few hours later.  That evening, the Ulam resounded with music and energy unsurpassed by other camp wide events. I was truly captivated by the ruach as I, too, sang and danced with everyone.  To my surprise, a song was composed for me in honor of my last summer as Camp Director. A bit overcome with emotion I was grateful, too, for this touching moment.

Sunday set the pace for the rest of the week. Early in the week, we hosted Camps Eisner and Crane Lake as Tzeirim competed in our third annual Kiddush Kup.  We played well and the chanichim enjoyed interacting with their peers from other camps. Later in the week, Solelim and Bogrim traveled to Camp Ramah in New England for Yom JV Palmer—another day dedicated to friendly competition!

As we conclude the week with the Solelim and Bogrim play, The Little Mermaid, and prepare for Shabbat, I want to thank all first session parents for sending your children to Camp.  Enjoy the rest of the summer—We are looking forward to seeing you back in Camp for Kayitz 2017!