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Wendy RosenWendy Rosen is thrilled to be returning to camp for her sixth summer as Rosh Teva.  Wendy is a New Jersey certified Elementary and Early Childhood teacher and holds a dual degree in art. She has taught pre-school through high school students in schools, camps, and a variety of educational settings. A proponent of innovation and creativity in the field of education, she has authored articles and developed numerous curriculum resources on a wide range of educational topics. Additionally, Wendy has worked as a nature specialist, a marine field instructor, and staff educator at the New Jersey Museum of Agriculture. During the “off season” Wendy works as an academic advisor and an education consultant, specializing in environmental education and vision-based learning disabilities. This summer Teva is partnering with the Amir Project to expand the CRB farming and gardening program. This is a very exciting venture – be sure to watch for updates! Wendy has two Ramahniks of her own – Jonah, in Bogrim, and Sara, on staff. She loves hiking, canoeing, biking, camping, gardening, cooking, writing, and Qigong (“Chinese yoga”). She also loves to share stories, and can tell some pretty outrageous ones, especially about animals…ask her about the time her car was taken over by chickens!