RBA Eric Steinthal z”l Memorial Championship Games

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On Sunday, March 29th, the Ramah community gathered for final game of the 19th Annual RBA season.

Among the day’s events was a very competitive Legends game, a 3 point contest (won once again by Phil Zaks), and the Eric Steinthal Memorial Award, honoring Jeremy Sokolic, founder of RBA. With over 150 people in attendance, Jeremy and Sarah Sokolic spoke about RBA’s roots, the first seasons of the now flourishing league, and their connection to Eric Steinthal z”l.

Other speakers included RBA Commissioners Ori Foger and Josh Smith, Rabbi Resnick and Bruce and Marilyn Steinthal. The day concluded with pizza and snacks, while the two championship teams battled it out and ultimately Real NY defeated Sherwood Lumber for the 19th annual Jerry Cup.