Ramah Reaches Out at the 2014 Annual Fund Dinner

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IMG_8407On December 7, 2014 at the Annual Ramah Berkshires dinner, we not only had the opportunity to celebrate and honor members of our Ramah community, but we also had the chance to give back to others in need through the The Beverly Closs Food Pantry drive. The idea behind the drive was to help our Wingdale neighbors in Dutchess County replenish the Beverly Closs Food Pantry (BCFP), located near Camp in Dutchess County.  BCFP provides 102,492 meals for 4,807 families including 1,805.  Located in Dutchess County, BCFP had a great need for canned or boxed food donations during the holiday season. The drive was organized by Ramah Reaches Out.

As part of the drive,  those who attended the dinner provided canned goods and dried food to ensure those less fortunate had the food they needed to stay warm and healthy entering the holiday season. It was an amazing feeling to know that as we all shared an amazing meal at Park Avenue Synagogue, we were also playing a part to provide the same to the community at large. Alumna Arielle Glaser (Gesher 06), who helped organize the drive, said, “As we honored those who have given our own Kahal so much, including Vivian Fried and Lee Podair, Ellen and Jay Steinberg, Marc Damsky and Ilana Kustanowitz, it was nice to share the spirit of giving and all participate in giving back and the values of Chesed and Tzedakah.”

Jacob Goldenberg and Josh Wohl Gesher 06