Rabbi Paul Resnick’s First Week Reflections

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IMG_6499We completed the first week of camp and we are into week number two. It never ceases to amaze me that time just keeps marching on. Perhaps, it is somewhat like a train that slowly gains momentum covering many miles and ending with a successful finish.

One of the few things that even an esteemed Ramah director does not have any control over is the weather. The weather has not been great this summer. Even today – sunny most of the day and when it was sunny we had a sun shower for a few minutes! Knowing this, our team plans rainy day activities sometimes months in advance.

On a yom geshem (rainy day) tzevet mayim [waterfront staff] works with the campers in their bunks. With continuous sports in the Ulam and outdoor education instruction inside various locations every bit of indoor space is occupied. The entire Ulam encompasses 8,000 square feet of new space which includes a dance studio, a multi-purpose room, a large basketball court and bleachers. And all of it is being used!

What is most re-assuring is that our staff members keep the spirits of the campers on a high. Rest assured camp continues to be a happy place!

Rabbi Paul Resnick