Pinat Ha’Seifer: Bring Books to Camp

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kamensAlthough Noah Kamens had his Bar Mitzvah in March 2015, his Bar Mitzvah project was delayed. This summer Camp is helping launch Noah’s Bar Mitzvah project: Bring Books to Camp. As an avid reader, Noah noticed that Camp’s sifriyah (library) has a very limited selection of books written in English. Many campers love to read, too. Therefore, Noah has set out to create an English library corner in thesifriyah and in Beit BreiraPinat Ha’Seifer. Each side of Camp will have an ample supply of novels and non-fiction reading for all to share.
In order to get a large diverse supply of books, Noah is asking each camper to bring at least 2 books, on their reading level, that can be shared and enjoyed by other campers. Each camper should remember to select books and deposit them in the special bins at the Camp bus stops. Noah and Camp will take care of the rest!
Thank you for making this project a reality!