PALMER versus BERKSHIRES Hanukkah Competition

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These challenges will officially begin on Monday morning (December 10th and will run until Monday morning December 17th). All submissions should be sent to Andrew Belinfante at

1. Picture competition:
Submit a picture of yourself lighting Hanukkah candles while wearing your Ramah T-shirt. These pictures will be placed on our Facebook Page. Then get other campers to “like” your posted pictures.

Whichever camp gets the highest total number of likes (adding together the number of likes given to each picture that is posted), will win this competition.

2.  Video competition:
Create a 2-3 minute Ramah Hanukkah Video, upload it to YouTube and send us the link.

Each camp will select one or two videos to be their official video and will post it on their Blog and Facebook Page. Whichever camp’s video gets the highest number of views on YouTube will win.

**Videos may be sent starting tomorrow, and must be received by December 12

3.  Volunteer Hours (TWO Ways To Win):
Volunteer at a non-profit throughout the week of Hanukkah. Log your volunteer hours on THIS GOOGLE FORM.

Whichever camp has the most people volunteer will win the first part, and whichever camp has the highest number of cumulative volunteer hours will win the second part.

4.  Dreidel Design Competition:
Design your own Dreidel, which incorporates your Ramah experience in some way. Submit pictures of your designs via email to Andrew Belinfante ( along with a short explanation about it.

Points will be awarded to the top 5 designs, and will be determined by a panel of neutral Ramah judges from other camps.