Omanut: Art Opens Doors

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Ricki's photo.jpgby Ricki Gorman

In only a few months, Kayitz 2017 will inaugurate a brand new state of the art Omanut facility in the center of our machane. With no more shlepping to the furthest end of B-side, campers and staff will have easy access to the new Omanut Center consisting of multiple work spaces designed specifically for each specialty. During the past 10 years, as Rosh Omanut, I have witnessed the introduction of polymer clay, PMC silver clay, printmaking, glass fusing and metal working with enameling, in addition to new tools, including eight pasta makers, a special kiln, six pottery wheels, six sewing machines, a slab roller and a printing press. Offering the old favorites (lanyard, duct tape, paper mache, beading and mosaics), while incorporating new mediums has given every camper a certain joy and appreciation of art, engaging campers in limitless creativity. Chanichim (campers) now have the opportunity to choose from a variety of activities during each perek, including nagarut (woodworking), photography and video.

The new Omanut Art Center will be divided into several areas.  Clay and pottery will have their own much larger space downstairs to allow for more pottery wheels as well as hand building and sculpting.  Nagarut (woodworking) will be located downstairs as well in a more open space. We envision several new dimensions this summer, including a separate space for graphic and digital design as well as glass fusing, and the installation of a glass kiln.
The new Omanut Art Center can reach as far as our dreams, imagination and inventiveness will take us. I am both honored and excited to be a part of omanut’s growth and journey. It breeds endless inspiration for current and future chanichim.

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