Omanut 2015 :  It’s More than Arts and Crafts

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Omanut 2015 promises to be filled with  some old-time favorite arts and crafts projects along with some very exciting,new and diverse genres.

Printmaking has always been a fun and  favorite craft among campers of all ages.  In the past campers enjoyed carving linoleum and styrofoam, followed by applying various colors of ink and producing Andy Warhol like prints on t-shirts and wooden boards. Kayitz 2015 will introduce calligraphy, a printing technique that combines materials from teva (nature), mitbachon (cooking) and a potpourri of objects from omanut to create “one of a kind” prints. Mono-printing, new to omanut, will allow campers to  paint on blocks with various types of inks and then transfer the individual prints to paper and fabric.  Printmaking will also include multimedia projects embellishing them with acrylics, scrapbook paper, magazines, paper mache and more.

Ricki Gorman, Rosh Omanut, a specialist in printmaking, ceramics, pottery wheel, and fine silver jewelry, has spent eight summers in omanut unleashing the artistic talents in campers and guiding talented staff. This summer, Ricki’s team will enhance pottery wheel and ceramics classes and incorporate their varied and eclectic skills in a multitude of camp projects.

Campers will continue to experience throwing clay on the pottery wheel, glaze objects, and create chimes, leaf platters, vases,hot plates and rock gardens. Of course, the old-time favorites such as polymer clay hamsas, bead and jewelry making, mosaic challah boards, crayon art, sewing and scrap-booking will be integral to the omanut  program.

Fine arts media, too, will be included and campers are bound to produce projects ranging from pencil to brush;sharpie to ink; and acrylic to pastels. As a continuation of a most successful endeavor, omanut will once again join the CRB “Green” team by offering reuse and recycle projects throughout all edot. Just imagine scrapbooks made from CD’s; mosaics made from bottle tops; bracelets made from soda can tabs; and of course, paper mache made from old newspapers and magazine.

Kayitz 2015  welcomes back veteran staff Sara, Lexi, and Julie.  Gal, Inbal and Asaf will join the omanut  staff this summer, too.  Their collective skill base includes “amigurumi”, mosaics, clay, glass decorations, drawing with pencil and charcoal, soft sculpture,painting, wood burning , wood making, digital painting, jewelry, 3-D digital modeling and much much more.

Peek into the omanut building this summer and discover that omanut is more than arts and crafts!