Nitzanim Update 2014 – Week 5

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Nitzanim 2014 5It’s been an unbelievably busy week as we said farewell to our first month campers and welcomed 34 incredible new members of Nitzanim. On Monday, the full summer campers went bowling and to Carvel to pass the time and spent the rest of the afternoon preparing for the arrival of new friends. On Tuesday, the second half of the summer got off to a roaring start as new campers came in and learned the layout of camp. In the evening, we played a game showcasing the random and interesting talents about each of us. On Wednesday, we watched the Machon production of “The Lion King” and waited out the thunder and lightning while singing songs before going back to our bunks. And on Thursday and Friday, campers dressed up, sang, screamed and cheered for one of the most exciting events of the summer: Yom Sport! It’s been a great week for Nitzanim with the best still yet to come!


Shabbat Shalom.


Gabe Cohen, Rosh Nitzanim