Nitzanim Update 2014 – Week 2

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After an abbreviated first week of camp, Nitzanim celebrated an awesome Shabbat with ruach filled t’fillot and lots of fun sports. We ended Shabbat with our entire edah playing capture the flag and then concluding with a beautiful havdallah.  Nitzanimers also met their Gesher CITs this week and had fun learning about Israel. While dressing up  their CITs as Israeli celebrities like Golda Meir and David Ben Gurion,  the chanichim automatically became familiar with a piece of Israeli history and politicImages. On Tuesday morning, Mikey Pauker, a Jewish guitarist, led Nitzanim in a most inspiring  ruach filled shacharit.  Wednesday’s  trip to the Norwalk Maritime Aquarium and  sports center was fantastic! Everyone in Nitzanim is bursting with excitement about another Ramah Shabbat and anticipating an  incredible week to come!

Shabbat Shalom,

Gabe Cohen,  Rosh Edah