Message from Rabbi Paul Resnick – Hodesh Tov, Shevat 5775

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I heard you. More than 40% of our families completed the 2014 Camper Satisfaction survey. Thank you for your response.

Over the next few months, I would like to share some thoughts about what the CRB year-round team has learned from the survey and how we plan to implement changes this coming summer.  With over 85% of our 2014 campers returning to Camp in 2015, I am humbled by the fact that so many of you expressed great support and admiration for Ramah.

Our year-round professional staff is currently developing the strategies for our 2015 implementation plan. In this month’s Hodesh Tov  I will focus on one area of concern: improving  our communication with our parent body.

Addressing direct communication, we recently engaged Olark.  Olark is a company that developed a communication “chat” tool that is used mostly by commercial industries but was introduced to us by a website guru and private camp owner.  Using Olark we can make ourselves immediately accessible to our parents, campers and interested families by chatting directly with them on our website.  Though we are experimenting with the software now, I am confident that Olark is bound to improve our year round profile.

You told us that our camp photos needed to be of better quality and published with a greater frequency. To meet this challenge, experienced photographers will be hired.  Increasing our photography staff, too, will enable us to post edah photos more than once weekly.

Lastly, our survey results indicated that when parents called our Wingdale office and left messages, camp staff did not always return the calls in a timely fashion.  We are determined to correct this inefficiency and to implement a better phone reception training program.  To assist us , we will make use of a new tracking system through our data base specifically set up to follow the incoming and outgoing calls.

I look forward to sharing more survey results with you and encourage you to discuss areas of concern with me prior to the summer.  Stay tuned for updates, too, on our new  Welcome Center .

With warm regards,

Rabbi Paul Resnick