Message from Rabbi Paul Resnick – Hodesh Tov, Adar II 5776

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As we enter Adar II with only 110 days left ‘til Opening Day, I begin my internal countdown with great excitement. Spring training, too, is in full gear in the camping world, filled with symposiums and gatherings for Jewish, secular, profit and not for profit residential and day camps.

This past week, I was fortunate enough to spend time at two very important conferences; the Foundation for Jewish Camp’s Leaders Assembly and the American Camping Association’s Tri-State Convention. Both offered a similar but unique agenda.

Networking with leaders nationwide under one roof for a several days is incredibly energizing. While my colleagues and I grappled with issues of security, inclusion, and gender identification, we also focused on the mission of immersive summer experiences. At the Leader’s Assembly it is clear that one of the core goals of Jewish camping is building a strong Jewish future through transformative summers.

Exchanging information and sharing ideas is what I look forward to most each year at these meetings. This year, in particular, I felt that I learned a great deal from both seasoned colleagues and from young innovators. Collaboratively, in a variety of sessions, we comfortably tackled our parallel challenges and discussed best practices and accomplishments.

At Tri-State, the year-round CRB leadership team along with several of our key summer professionals serving in outdoor adventure, art, commissary and aquatics, bonded. Together we helped define this summer’s agenda. I realize that these brief few days, unencumbered by the intensity of the summer season, are extremely valuable for us.

Incorporating much of what we learned at FJC and ACA, the CRB leadership team is even more prepared for Kayitz 2016. I firmly believe that these conferences are particularly beneficial and are key to camp growth and professional development.

Wishing all a joyous Purim! Hag Purim Sameach.