Meet Your Kayitz 2019 Rashei Edah!

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Meet Your Kayitz 2019 Rashei Edah!


Jess Barnoy

Rosh Ta’am

I am so excited to be returning to Camp for my 13th kayitz (summer) and my 5th as a tzevet (staff) member! I am a student at Binghamton University, studying Human Development. I am also a proud alumna of the Nativ College Leadership Program in Israel. Fun facts about me: my favorite dessert is warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream and I love listening to new music! I am so excited to share my love of Camp and all the wonderful and exciting things at Camp with this next generation of Ramahniks!



Ariel Balsam

Rosh Cochavim

I am so excited for my second summer as Rosh Cochavim! I am a graduate of the Schechter School of Long Island and will be graduating from the University of Maryland this May. In my free time you may find me reading historically accurate American political thrillers, listening to Hebrew songs, and eating soup! I am so excited to meet all of the chanichim (campers) this summer and to be back at Camp so soon!



Matan Mann

Rosh Nitzanim

I am so excited to be Rosh Nitzanim this summer! Between the 5 members of my family, we have been in Nitzanim as campers and staff a total of 12 times! Clearly, we love Nitzanim! I am currently in college studying music. I love beatboxing! I cannot wait to get to know all of the chanichim (campers) – and be supersonic and electrofonic with you! See you soon Nitzanim 2019!



Becca Stern-Shock

Rosh Shorashim

I am so excited for my 14th kayitz (summer) at Camp and to be Rosh Shorashim! I cannot wait to see all of the chanichim (campers) and who knows, maybe win many Makor challenges once again! A few fun facts about me: my dream is to see all 7 wonders of the world (I have seen one!), I can conquer any wordsearch, and during my Gesher summer I came in last place in the cross country race on Palmer Day (and still had the best time!). I cannot wait to see you all soon for another amazing summer together!



Paul Horvath

Rosh Tzeirim

I am so excited to be back at Camp this summer – this time as Rosh Tzeirim! I am currently studying abroad in Israel, but looking forward to being in the other holy land – Wingdale! I am proud to be a three-time Meah Milim Chultzah* winner and two-time Golden Yaeh** winner! I am counting down the seconds until Camp and cannot wait for this kayitz (summer), which I know will be legendary!
*special t-shirt awarded for speaking a lot of Hebrew in Camp
**special dustpan awarded to the cleanest bunk



Shelly Tsirulik

Rosh Solelim

I am so excited for this kayitz (summer) as Rosh Solelim! Adat HaSolelim is my favorite: it was my favorite summer as a chanich (camper), I was a madrich for two years in this edah, and now I can’t wait for my 9th summer at Camp to be Rosh Solelim! Some fun facts about me: I love all things Spongebob and I play ultimate frisbee competitively for Harvard Red Line. I can’t wait to bring both of these things and so much more into our incredible summer together!



Ella Cooperman

Rosh Bogrim

I am thrilled to be back at Camp this summer with Adat HaBogrim! I cannot wait to continue and build upon the amazing things we did as an edah together last summer. In May I will be graduating from the Joint Program between Columbia and JTS, and after this summer I will be working for the Foundation for Jewish Camp. A little fun fact about me is that I am a huge Disney fan and really excited for all the live action Disney remakes coming out this year! However, I am even more excited for an incredible Kayitz 2019!



Eliana Shapiro

Rosh Machon

I am so excited to be Rosh Machon for Kayitz 2019! For me as a chanicha (camper), Machon was such a fun and transformative summer, and I cannot wait to experience that fun and excitement with all the chanichim this summer! In fact, when I was a madricha (counselor) in Machon, I was in the same tzrif (bunk) as I was when I was a Machon camper! I hope you all are just as excited for this upcoming summer and cannot wait for this kayitz as Adat HaMachon 2019!



Noam Kornsgold

Rosh Gesher

I am thrilled to be coming back to Camp this summer as Rosh Gesher! I’m excited to be sharing this summer with the incredible chanichim I have been with for the past two summers, as they complete their final summer as chanichim! Some fun facts about me that you may not know: in the months following this kayitz (summer) I will complete the study of the entire Talmud, and I once auditioned to be on the reality TV show Survivor (no, I did not make it!). I can’t wait for all we will learn and experience together this summer!