Machon week #7 2014

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MachonMachon (2)This week we commemorated Tisha B’av with a few different programs: addressing sinat chinam (senseless hatered) and sterotypes, memorializing the Six Day War, and analyzing the causes of the day’s misfortune. During Yom Daled, we created our own films and then had a screening, Oscar’s ceremony and party with paper plate awards for all our amazing actors. Our athletes are putting the final touches on their game play for Yom Palmer on Sunday. Finally, many bunks are having special activities during the day and at night utilizing the ropes course, the agam, and fire pit. It was an exciting last full week in Machon and we are looking forward to more excitement before returning home. Shabbat Shalom.

Jeremy Rose,  Machon Rosh Edah.