Machon Update 2014 – Week 5

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Machon 2 2014 5Machon had a super week, highlighted by our edah play, “The Lion King”.  Immediately after Visiting Day,  our energy was truly focused  on scenery, perfecting our lines, music and dance rehearsals and all the details that make any production terrific!   Some of the parents attended our meeting on Sunday to learn all about the Gesher experience and what’s in store for Kayitz 2015!  Chanichim warmly welcomed me into the edah as their  new Rosh.  We spent Thursday afternoon through Friday afternoon  participating in Yom Sport. Blue and Green teams cheered and participated in every sport and then the grand finale relay  races that led into collecting puzzle pieces to complete a huge and intricate CRB jigsaw puzzle.  We are looking forward to a quiet Shabbat  and to our week-long trip starting on Sunday.

Shabbat Shalom!

Jeremy Rose, Rosh Machon