Machon Update 2013 – Week 2

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Machon MixWith just two days to go until our first tiyul of the kayitz — to Boston — Machon is already in full swing! This week, after an amazing celebration of Israel through Chashi, we honored our elders with a fantastic Yom Dalet, Yom LaKashish. During that day, we prepared for our later years with both very fun and reflective activities about adult life in the later years. Today, Machon participated in one of our first Boker Tzrif, where our tzrifim engaged in a variety of activities, including a reenactment of the halutzim– early Zionist movement.

Machon Girls

So as we celebrate our second Shabbat here in 12594, we wish you all the best and can’t wait to share our forthcoming New England tales!

Hillel Buechler