Last Week of Season #50

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It has been a while since I last wrote. Camp is certainly in the home stretch as we enter, today, our last week of season #50! The last few days have been packed with visitors and activity.

The annual Zimriyah was held on Monday. What an amazing site it is, year after year, to see edah after edah, tzevet after tzevet perform. There were many highlights for me. Gesher 2009 and Gesher 2010 performed their Gesher song without a rehearsal, without any preparation and yet with incredible enthusiasm and gusto. Here, our second and third year staff members sang to the cheers of their campers. It was awesome.

The kitchen staff – all from the Check Republic and Slovakia sang their song – in Hebrew – and they too were cheered with wild enthusiasm.

For me, another highlight was witnessing the singing and dancing that erupts after the Zimriyah is officially over. Hundreds of campers and staff members were singing song after song, with words memorized, shouting and dancing with smiles, sweat and love.  If you are an alum of camp I am sure that this brings back warm memories of camp.

Rabbi Paul Resnick