Kolot Ramah Berkshires – The Voices of Ramah Berkshires

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…קוֹל בְּרָמָה נִשְׁמָע

“A voice is heard from above…”

Kayitz 2019 has been filled with the many kolot (voices) of Camp Ramah in the Berkshires! Whether it’s chanichim (campers) chatting as they walk together, the sounds of tefilah (praying), shira (singing) in the chadar ochel (dining hall), Kol Ramah 102.3 broadcasting throughout Camp, speaking meah milim ivrit (100 words of Hebrew), the sound of Birkat HaMazon (Grace after meals), laughter, chanichim playing on the water toys in the agam (lake), or ruach (cheering) during sports games, Camp is overflowing with the many kolot of Ramah Berkshires!

Among the many beautiful sounds of Kayitz (summer) 2019, were songs written and performed by chanichim with visiting Jewish musician, Josh Warshawsky.  During the Arts Clinic, a special 2-day program where the chanichim participate in specialized arts programming like cartooning, music, circus arts, improv and more, a group of chanichim worked with Josh to write and produce their own music.  The culmination of this project – performing on stage with Josh during his Camp-wide concert! Kol HaKavod to the chanichim from Adat HaCochavim, Adat HaNitzanim and Adat HaShorashim who participated in this music project.

Listen along with us!

B’Machaneinu (In Our Camp); Written and performed by chanichim in edot Cochavim and Nitzanim.

A Peaceful Night; Written and performed by chanichim in edot Cochavim and Nitzanim.

A Beautiful Day – Oseh Ma’aseh B’reishitWritten and performed by chanichim in Adat HaShorashim.

Another Day; Written and performed by chanichim in Adat HaShorashim.

Kolot from Kol Ramah 102.3

Kol Ramah 102.3, the official radio station of Camp Ramah in the Berkshires, shared the many voices of Ramah Berkshires during Kayitz 2019. Through podcasts produced by chanichim, interviews with tzevet (staff) members, live radio shows and songs, the many voices of our kehilah (community) were broadcasted throughout Camp.

Listen along with us!

Voice for the Voiceless is a podcast series that was produced during Kayitz 2019 by chanichim in Adat HaBogrim. This podcast series, created through a vision by these chanichim, raises awareness for different “voiceless” groups and individuals.

Episode 1: Social Class

Episode 2: Responsibility as a Jewish Value

Africa Hebraica, a podcast series, interviewed members of the Berkshires community who are from unique Jewish communities in Africa. This interview series tells the story of Jewish life in Africa that has yet to be told.

Episode 1:  The Abayudaya community in Uganda

Episode 2: The Igbo tribe in Nigeria

“When a simple mission to recover a magical orb goes awry, a party of adventurers find themselves stuck in a world made of dreams, and in the middle of a plot to take away magic forever.” Into the Dreamlands, a Dungeons and Dragons themed radio show, brought together chanichim in Adat HaShorashim, along with Dungeons and Dragons master Philip Kronenberg and radio host Ro’i Bandel, to discuss all things Dungeons and Dragons.

Episode 1: Into the Dreamlands

Parasha Talk! Members of Tzevet chinuch (Jewish learning staff) gathered weekly for a Torah-themed “round-table discussion” radio show.

Click HERE to listen to Jessica Fisher (Rosh Tefilah, Prayer), Rabbi Barry Chesler (Tzevet Chinuch, Jewish learning) and Gabe Cohen (Tzevet Chinuch and mashgiach, kashrut supervisor) discuss Parashat Devarim.

Songs, laughs and friendly debates! During Kayitz 2019, many tzrifim (bunks) enjoyed visiting the radio station for tzrif fun on the radio!

Click HERE and listen along as Bunk A9 in Adat HaCochavim enjoyed songs, laughs, friendly debates, and even a marriage between an octopus and a 100-year-old dolphin during their radio show!


You don’t have to wait until Kayitz 2020 to get back into the Ramah ruach (spirit)! You can sing and dance with Camp Ramah in the Berkshires all year long! Click HERE for a full playlist of the songs we have been singing and dancing to all summer long! #RamahRuach