Jon Shares a Reflection

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The great writer Chaim Potok, reflecting on his Ramah days, once said, “We lived, it seemed to me, in a permanent state of exhilaration born of a sense of high purpose and accomplishment.”  There are very few places where I can see the “high purpose” of every one of my actions on a daily basis. Reflecting on my summer after a month and a half away, I still can’t believe that I’m lucky enough to be able to count myself as part of the Ramah community. The experience is really like no other.

In “real life,” I’m an engineering major whose equation sheets are miles away from the nights where I sat on my מרפסת with a homesick Nitzanim camper. But, through it all, Camp is that place where I forget about midterms and ask, “Why is there never enough חטיף for my campers?”, where I get to stop doing problem sets and start worrying about פעולת ערב, and where I know I’ll be when קיץ 2014 comes around.


Jon Weinreich