It’s a Beautiful Day in our Kehilah – Won’t you Meet Our Neighbors?

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It’s a beautiful day in our קהילה… 

Won’t you meet our neighbors?

This קיץ (kayitz – summer), the חניכים and חניכות (chanichim/chanichot – campers) in כוכבים (Cochavim) and ניצנים (Nitzanim) learned about קהילה (kehilah -community). They discussed what a Jewish קהילה (kehilah) needs in order to function, and all of the different people it takes to make הקהילה שלנו (ha’kehilah shelanu – our community) successfully function. They interviewed many people in our מחנה (machane – camp) to learn about our קהילה (kehilah) here at רמה (Ramah).

Click HERE to see who they met and what they found out about their תפקידים (roles).