hodesh tov – adar aleph 5774

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As I write this on Thursday, I’m finishing my annual Director’s trip to Israel.  It is a trip filled with meetings and interviews. Rabbi Perten and I met and spoke with over 60 people. Some of these people are alumni; some are current or past staff; and some are candidates applying to serve as members of the 2014 Mishlachat. This summer 30 Israelis will join our American staff.

Returning Mishlachat members refer to CampRamah in the Berkshires as their camp. They talk about Camp as their second home. Even after spending  just one summer in CampRamah in the Berkshires they establish their own connections. They “get” camp and begin to appreciate their exposure to a variety ways to express their Judaism.

Our new Mishlachat delegation will serve in different capacities in camp this coming summer.  Your children will form connections with them by living with them in bunks or as their teachers or as specialty staff.  They will get to know them very well!

As a camp director,  I am particularly proud of the relationships we foster each summer between Israelis and Americans. Many of these relationships extend beyond the boundaries of Wingdale organically blending two rich cultures. I remain convinced that Mishlachat add tremendous value to Ramah as it broadens and strengthens the fiber of our kehillah.  I am looking forward to welcoming another Mishlachat cohort this summer.

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