Grow and Behold Comes to the Chadar Ochel!

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Ramah Berkshires is excited to share the news that Wolfoods, our food service operator, has partnered with Grow and Behold to provide kosher pasture-fed meat this summer!

Michael Wolf, owner of Wolfoods, is always looking to find ways to enrich the Ramah Berkshires dining experience and while simultaneously enhancing the community’s environmental consciousness and care.  Some efforts, he says, are less noticeable, but always impactful.  One example: in recent years, Wolfoods invested in reusable cups to cut down on waste caused by the use of disposable cups at every meal.

Grow and Behold, a Brooklyn-based company, produces their premium meat and poultry on family farms where the animals are pasture-fed, without the use of hormones or antibiotics.  The result is delicious tasting meats that are better for everyone – the people, the animals, the planet!

Rabbi Ethan Linden connected Michael to Naftali and Anna Hanau, owners of Grow and Behold last year.   Michael originally intended to connect to Naftali and Anna simply as industry colleagues, with no real thoughts of bringing Grow and Behold products to Ramah Berkshires. That said, as a grandson of a WWII survivor who became a cattle farmer, Michael was interested in local and sustainable meat products, and after much exploration and discussion, Michael realized that the missions of Wolfoods and Grow and Behold were very aligned.  While Michael was initially apprehensive about working with this type of company, because of the higher costs generally associated with these specialized products, the companies were able to reach an agreement that made it possible for Wolfoods to purchase meat from Grow and Behold at a price comparable to what they had spent on meat in past summers.

Grow and Behold, Wolfoods, and Ramah Berkshires are all very excited about this new partnership, and thrilled that this summer, all hamburgers, meatballs, kofta kabobs and taco meat served at Ramah Berkshires will be made using ground beef from Grow and Behold.


In addition to providing our campers with Grow and Behold meat products this summer, we are excited that Grow and Behold is offering a special discount code so Ramah Berkshires families can enjoy these excellent products at home.  You can order online ( or over the phone (888-790-5781) and use the code GBCamp10 for 10% off your first order!