Great tzevet, more training, more toys at the Agam – Michele Fisher Gomez

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Cochavim 1 2014 5What keeps a Rosh Agam happy during a cold Northeast winter?

(a) A fabulous tzevet (staff)

(b)   Starfish Aquatics Institute

(c)    Wibit Sports

(d)   All of the above

Answer: D

To say that Michele Fisher Gomez, Rosh Agam, is giddy about the possibilities for this year might not be an overstatement. Big changes are afoot at the Agam: CRB is now a certified Starfish Aquatics Institute Training Center; there is a great contingent of new and returning staff members; a certified Starfish Swimming Instructor Trainer will be part of the Team; and some cool new additions in equipment and toys will be introduced to campers.

Thirteen tzevet members are returning from last year including two Lifeguard Instructors. Currently, two tzevet members are enrolled in a certification course and will be certified by the start of the summer in teaching sailing, canoeing, and kayaking. Several of the nine incoming new tzevet members plan to gain certification Oxygen and Epi-Pen Administration  over the next few months.

Having a certified Instructor Trainer on staff is a huge boost to the program. This year, Agam will begin to train and certify Water Safety Instructors in the comfort of our own camp. We are confident that better trained staff will elevate the swimming skills for all levels of campers.

What else will campers find on the lake this summer? We’ll all find out on Opening Day!