Going Greener

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tree tables

Every summer Camp implements new environmental measures to help reduce energy consumption while reducing our overall carbon footprint. Continuing our initiatives, Ramah alumnus and an energy engineer, Adin Meir, helped camp re-lamp over 400 light fixtures with LED energy efficient bulbs. Take a walk around Camp and you’ll notice exterior and interior fixtures already in operation.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose and Compost has become our motto and has already taken us to greener paths. Over the last few years, composting has reduced landfill waste and grease waste from our kitchen has been converted to biodiesel fuel.   Cutting back on our use of plastic, we’ll continue to use permanent plastic tablecloths for dairy meals and introduce reusable plastic cups to replace disposable cups this summer.

In the off-season,trees on Camp property were cut and planked and used as mulch throughout Camp. Most recently pinewood stumps, ends and planks were handcrafted into end and coffee tables that will reside in our Welcome Center. Enormously impactful, we are proud of the environmental transformation that has taken hold and is now integral to Camp!