Gesher Update 2014 – Week 6

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Gesher 3 2014 6This week was absolutely incredible! Leaving very early Monday morning, Gesher traveled to Washington, D.C.! Our week was filled with excitement and consisted of watching an intense baseball game at Camden Yards; helping to clean up parks in D.C.; eating dinner at the Washington Monument; exploring Georgetown; going to Six Flags, and so much more. Though we were a bit weary from traveling, we bounced back into our camp routine and then star gazed on Thursday night with a trained astronomer and roller bladed to music on Friday skating around Beit Am Bet. This Shabbat, in addition to relaxing, davening, and singing shirah, we will discuss different ways to understand our relationship with Israel.

Shabbat Shalom!

Debbie Kruger, Rosh Gesher

Gesher 1 2014 6

Gesher 2 2014 6