Gesher Update 2014 – Week 2

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2014 gesher week 2

Gesher is off to a great start! The campers learned their Shabbat themes for the summer. One topic is Israel, and chanichim discussed their connection to the land and to Israeli culture. They led shirah and unveiled their awesome Gesher T-shirts in the Chadar in front of the whole camp! After Shabbat the campers painted Beit Gesher and were “officially initiated” into Gesher 2014. Representatives of Geshers1982-2012 spoke to the campers about the significance of their Gesher Summer and the legacies each edah before them left behind. The kids loved it! Sunday night, the campers attended peulat erev (evening activity) with their CIT campers and helped with davening the next morning. Yom  Board Games set  the stage for Wednesday’s activities followed by our traditional Fourth of July concert on Thursday. Gesher once again upheld the tradition of staying later than all other edot to sing and dance after the concert concluded. After a busy week, the campers are all very excited for Shabbat.

Shabbat Shalom,

Debbie Kruger, Rosh Gesher