Gesher Update 2014 – Week  1

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Edat HaGesher had an incredible first week of camp beginning with a trip  to a local bowling ally. Chanichim  dressed up in costumes and had a great time. Breakfast outdoors (Bishul Boker) on Thursday was a true highlight. Not only did we enjoy great food but the chanichim prepared it all by themselves.

Thursday night the campers participated in a video scavenger hunt around camp; prepared for their first day of CIT’ing; and enjoyed a surprise “Gesher T-shirt reveal”. All the chanichim are busy organizing plans for the longtime tradition of Gesher leading the entire machaneh (camp) in Shabbat shirah (singing). As you celebrate Shabbat, think of your child with their edah, in front of 800  people conducting Shabbat z’mirot (songs).

 We hope your Shabbat is as exhilarating and powerful as ours will be at Ramah!

Shabbat Shalom,

Debbie Kruger, Rosh Gesher