Gesher Update 2013 – Week 7

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Gesher BoysAs always Gesher has had an incredibly exciting week starting with Yom Sport break out on Sunday evening. As the entire camp gathered to take a camp wide Ramah at 50 picture a helicopter swooped in and announced the start of Yom Sport! The entire camp divided into blue and green teams cheering on their teammates. As always tzevet Gesher was so proud to see the Gesher chanichim front and center leading their teams in song and cheer! The day ended before dinner and the entire camp came together for the Zimriyah! It was a great night of song and dance ending with Gesher’s  slow song ana ephneh and the fast song ain makom achair. It was a night to remember!

The week has been flying by. Wednesday we spent the day traveling back in time for Yom American history. We played an intense game of capture the Tory and speaking about America as the melting pot. The al-hagova ozrim set off on their trip to New Paltz and the sport ozrim spent Thursday morning mini golfing. Our play rehearsals are getting serious as the countdown to opening night begins.

Gesher Girls

We ended the week with boker tzrif . The boys spent the morning exploring their identities as American Jews participating in a shul softball game and Brotherhood bagel brunch discussion. The girls celebrated Ramah at 100 imagining what camp will be like for the 100th celebration. This  Shabbat marks our final shira in front of the chadar and we are looking forward, with mixed emotions to our last Shabbat as chanichim in Camp Ramah in the Berkshires.

Shabbat Shalom,

Becca Weintraub