Gesher Update 2013 – Week 3

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Gesher MixEdat HaGesher is in full swing. After a deep and meaningful G-d themed Shabbat last week we transitioned back into the week with a beautiful havdalah ceremony on the Sundeck.

This week has been full of fun and creative peulot all planned by our Gesher chanichim. For one  peulat erev Gesher chanichim helped their CIT chanichim find the moon to declare Rosh Chodesh Av, played family feud, and had a project runway backwards talent show.

On Wednesday Va’ad yom daled planned a holiday themed day called “yom tov.” Gesher chanichim played draidel twister, dressed up for Purim, did a scavenger hunt for the afikomen, had deep conversations on racism for MLK day, and enjoyed quesadillas in celebration of  cinco de mayo. What could be better than celebrating a years worth of holidays in one day!

This Shabbat Gesher is exploring the question of “why does Israel matter to me?”  Everyone is looking forward to leading  shirah, enjoying a special Gesher oneg, and time to relax  and celebrate Shabbat with the entire CRB community.

Becca Weintraub