Gesher 2017–Week 2

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We had a wonderful second week in Gesher!! On Sunday night at aruchat erev, Gesher met their new CIT chanichim followed by peulat erev together which helped to begin the process of creating connections.  On Tuesday, Gesher danced the night away at the Fourth of July concert. On Yom Hatzagah, on Wednesday, Gesher put the finishing touches on our play, Beauty and the Beast. From stage crew, dancing, singing, to lights, every Gesher chanich was involved in producing an incredible performance! As the first show of the season, Gesher certainly presented unbelievable talent and served as a role model ( setting the bar high) for the other upcoming edah plays! We are so excited for Shabbat, where we will be joined by a group of teen musicians from Israel and spend Shabbat learning from each other and singing together. Shabbat Shalom from Gesher!

Deb Pollack, Rosh Gesher