Day #1 of our 50th season

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Day #1 Zisser family
The Zisser family at the White Plains bus stop

Yesterday was day #1 of our 50th season. We tried something new for us – all campers came to camp by bus. There were 13 buses from seven locations – at camp, no waiting time for that last car and no waiting for luggage to arrive in the afternoon for the campers. All the luggage was here the day before. All of it was in the camper’s bunks awaiting their arrival. It was a far cry from the other first days in camp.

It reminded me a bit of when I was a JC here in camp and the big 18 wheel truck came into camp with trunks – the only thing that was different is that this year it was duffels and I was not on the truck moving them! The moving company and our facilities crew did that on Monday!

The incredible excitement came back in a flash – by the time I walked back up the hill towards the boys’ kikar [circle] on B-side, many boys were unpacked for the most part, some hanging out and some already throwing a Frisbee or having a catch. Other campers were having lice checks and doing Marp [infirmary] walk-through. When I went into the Hadar Ochel [dining room] for our first meal of whole wheat grilled cheese sandwiches and fries [same menu for 20 years!] Tzeirim [entering 7th graders] campers were walking in after being down at the Agam (lake). And it was just 1:20 PM.

Last night Rabbi Perten and I handed out 300 freshly baked chocolate chip cookies to campers on A-Side. Talking to and seeing our campers up front and center and seeing them getting ready for their first night always re-assures me that camp is totally in full swing. Some campers were a little anxious as it was their first night away in a sleep-away camp and others were so thrilled to be back with their friends from 2012. I asked many, Tell me one good thing about today, I got some great responses – seeing my friends, meeting new people, meeting my counselors and lunch. I think the best response was – I got off the bus!  I was back!

Day #2 is going well though our weekly bishul BBQ might be indoors as it might be raining at that time. I am also hosting three groups of staff for their annual BBQ at my house – a great time to sit and schmooze with our staff members.

So, please  pray for good weather despite the forecasts!

Rabbi Paul Resnick