Crafting Away in Omanut

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omanut2When campers are asked their thoughts and feelings about omanut they respond with words like creative, excited, inspired, artistic and independent. Omanut is a nurturing, safe and caring environment for campers to explore and use various media such as paint, clay, fabric, wood, paper mache, and ink.

Campers are always excited to make and take a keepsake of Ramah home with them.  This year, we created clay impressions of trees around camp and made mobiles with branches and yarn. We created paper mache sculptures, marionette puppets, mosaics, mixed media tiles, polymer hamsas and wind chimes made of clay. Many campers learned the pottery wheel and how to use a sewing machine. We also discussed the idea of upcycling, reusing and recycling.  Some of these projects included old records, cd’s, cereal containers from the chadar and newspaper.

In Omanut art is infused with Judaism and Israeli culture.  We explore new art forms while making ritual objects and art pieces that represent our unique culture and tradition

While creating art and crafts, we also build relationships.  Our campers grow and gain confidence in the skills learned here, and connect to each other as they create and express themselves in new and varied ways.

Ricki Gorman, Rosh Omanut