Cochavim Week 7 2014

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CochavimWhat a week its been in Cochavim. We participated in fun programming like radio and al hagova (outdoor activities) and even special programs like midnight mitbachon. On Tuesday, we spent the day learning and partaking in special activities in honor of Tisha B’Av. We watched the movie Shrek and discussed individuality and also wrote letters to our future selves full of goals we have to make us better people. On Wednesday, we went on our Cochavim trip! We went mineral mining and bowling and ended our day with ice cream and had a lot of fun! This Friday was Boker Tzrif, where our counselors planned a morning full of themed activities for the bunk. From swimming in the lake to try and “find Nemo” to making facemasks at a impromptu slumber party, Boker Tzrif was definitely a highlight of our summer. For our last Shabbat, we reflected on our Shabbat experiences and learned ways to take Ramah Shabbat traditions home with us.

Shabbat Shalom,

Rachel Siegel, Cochvim Rosh Edah