Cochavim –Week 1

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Wow! What an amazing first few days we have had! Our 58 chanichim (campers) were welcomed by an enthusiastic group of Cochavim madrichim (counselors) on Tuesday morning and the fun started instantly. Some of the chanichim favorite highlights include our first peulat erev (evening activity) where we played different ice breakers and ended the night with playing “The Mostest” where we found out who could tie their shoes the fastest and who had the loudest shriek (I think my ears are still ringing). We have had lots of fun swimming in the refreshing agam (lake), playing sports, and learning in our tarbut (culture) and yahadut (Judaism) p’rakim (periods). Thursday night was  Leil Olam, or International Night, hosted by our Israeli and British madrichim  in addition to two of our American madrichim. We played games with different twists from the madrichim‘s respective countries and at the end we played three-way capture the flag (Israel vs. England vs. America)!
We are  psyched for a terrific first Shabbat as we continue to build new relationships and make new friends while experiencing the beauty of Shabbat in our beautiful machane ( camp).

Shabbat Shalom,

Jake Greenberg

Rosh Cochavim