Cochavim Update 2014 – Week 6

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Cochavim 1 2014 6This was a very busy and exciting week 2 in Cochavim! Our  special activities this week included climbing the rockwall, having a breakfast bishul (cookout) and making delicious treats during “midnight mitbachon“. Our counselors planned awesome peulot for us as well including a hidden talent show and a Breisheet relay race! On Wednesday, we celebrated Yom Meluchlach ( Messy Day) and had so much fun getting messy. We learned about ways to clean up the Earth while participating in messy activities and made sure to take extra long showers that night! We’re excited to celebrate yet another Shabbat in camp. This week we will be learning about Jewish communities in Uganda, Argentina, England, and Israel through songs and special activities!

Shabbat Shalom,

Rachel Siegel, Rosh Cochavim