Cochavim Update 2014 – Week 2

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2014 cochavim week 2 - 1

What an action packed week for Cochavim! After a restful Shabbat, we returned to our weekday schedule, which included more time on the camp radio, in Teva, and playing all sorts of sports. The girls played on the water toys in the agam on Sunday and the boys had a special bishul cookout breakfast. We had great peulot edah, such as “Freeze Dance Gaga”, Biblical Relay Races, and Capture the Kosher Counselor! We also learned our edah song, spreading our Cochavim ruach throughout our machaneh.

On Wednesday, our edah took an out-of-camp trip to go mineral mining and bowling! Concluding our day with a surprise snack and a bishul BBQ with our awesome CITs, it was an amazing fun and extremely memorable day!

This Shabbat we will be learning about other Jewish communities2014 cochavim week 2 - 2 around the world. Our staff from Great Britain and Argentina will share first hand experiences.

Looking forward to another Shabbat and an exciting week full of new peulot!

Shabbat Shalom,

Rachel Siegel,Rosh Edah