Cochavim Update 2013 – Week 7

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Cochavim boys Shabbat Shalom Cochavim families,

Camp is always a thrill – it’s so exciting to kayak for the first time in the Agam at 7:30am or to lead Birkot Hashachar in front of the whole edah after only listening and chanting along for a few weeks. But there is nothing better than when camp lets us be as crazy as we can and even a little messy. Can you imagine 700 people all sitting together to create the shape of the number ’50’ on the golf course? It’s so many people. You might wonder if it’s even possible. But that’s what we did and pictures were taken of us from the high ropes course until a helicopter landed right next to us on the soccer field.  Both the Rosh Sport and the Assistant Director jumped out to announce the beginning of Yom Sport! Two teams. Sports all day. It doesn’t get much better. We all had a blast! We finished up Yom Sport with celebration of shirah – The Zimriyah. Each edah took a turn to sing a song. We sang, Ani Ohev Shokolad, a song about all of the things that we like: desserts, the seasons and our madrichim. It was so great to see the whole camp singing together.

Cochavim Girls

Now, in the same week, Yom Meluchlach, a day that celebrates how messy we can be. We played twister with plates filled with paint, we made beards for ourselves with shaving cream, and we even drew on one another using ketchup bottles! What a crazy week. We cannot wait for this Shabbat when will continue a powerful new tradition of Cochavim and Nitzanim shirah. We’ve had an amazing month and we are so excited to make our last days the best yet.

Sam Alexander