Cochavim Update 2013 – Week 6

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Cochavim Mix

Cochavim chanichim met the challenge of living in camp for longer than a week. Being away from home for this length is a terrific accomplishment. Our campers easily adjust because of our special  Ramah kehilah (community). This week in Shira (Singing), we learned a song, “Yom Echad Ulai Efros K’nafaim”. It’s meaning, in translation, “ Maybe one day I will spread my wings.” Playing games that teach us about qualities that make us unique or different in our community, have empowered our chanichim to  build a strong edah  and kehilah.

Cochavim Girls

On Yom Daled, we left Machaneh Ramah to bowl and to explore the gem mines followed by a game of capture the flag.  This Shabbat, Cochavim is excited to join Nitzanim for Friday night zmirot, together outside the Hadar Ochel.  When the week brings new friendships and new conversation, and Shabbat brings new traditions, both tzevet and chanichim feel fulfilled.

Shabbat Shalom,

Sam Alexander