Cochavim Update 2013 – Week 2

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Cochavim GirlsWe sing Halleluyah each morning when we wake up and we all praise God with the sounds of horns, drums and strings. The rapture of camp is not only a sensation of place: we experience Machaneh Ramah b’Berkshires with our feet as we walk to each peulah, with our eyes as we look up at the stars above and see the lake before us and with our ears when we hear the Birkat Hamazon chanted by older chanichim all the way from Machaneh Alef.  What’s so special about our first summer in camp? Perhaps, every activity is a  highlight. On Wednesday, our exploration continued with  a terrific  Yom HaRemez or Clue as we investigated every inch of  CRB  traversing its vast geography  bringing us to each new makom (place).

Cochavim Boy

To wish a happy 50th anniversary to Camp Ramah in the Berkshires, each chanich designed a tile on which he or she articulated in words or expressed in  pictures what has made Ramah so special and important already. We can’t wait to welcome our second Shabbat in Ramah!

Shabbbat Shalom.

Sam Alexander