Cochavim Update 2013 – Week 1

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Cochavim GirlsWhen Cochavim prays Shacharit each morning, we say, “Praised are you G-d, master of the universe who made me a Jew”.  In our first days at CampRamah in the Berkshires, Cochavim chanichim (campers) reflected on a challenging question. What is so special about Machaneh Ramah?

What have we already done that makes us feel gratitude to be living in such a beautiful and active environment? Intense excitement venturing into new experiences, Cochavim 2013  has embarked on its first summer in Camp’s 5oth season.  Even in their first days at camp, many of our chanichim realize and embrace that so many of the peulot that they will do at camp, they will do for the first time.We have chanichim who swam in a lake for the first time and loved it.

cochavimOn the first day, we played ‘Human Bingo’ which welcomed all while inviting everyone in the edah  to listen to their fellow campers answer questions which acknowledged that they were not the only campers away from home for the time. Some learned that not everyone reads Hebrew while others bonded over sharing a favorite TV show. We are making new friends and looking forward to our first Shabbat as Ramah campers. Our initial experiences will become lifetime memories and we are so  excited to begin our Ramah journey!

Shabbat Shalom.

Sam Alexander