Cochavim 2017– Week 6

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We had another jam-packed week of fun and excitement here at Machane Ramah b’Berkshires (Camp Ramah in the Berkshires)!

This past Tuesday, we came together to observe Tisha b’Av (the Ninth of Av) by hosting peulot with the theme “What role does food play in our lives?” We had the chanichim (campers) decorate “seder plates” with foods that were most significant to them and create Shabbat placemats (we will be laminating them and sending them home with our chanichim).

On Thursday morning, we had lots of ruach (spirit) in our tefillah (services). We studied the b’racha (blessing) in the weekday Amidah (a central prayer in Jewish liturgy) entitled V’lirushalayim which is all about praying for Jerusalem. Each of the chanichim then wrote prayers, thoughts, and prayers in the form of notes to be placed in the Kotel (the Western Wall) by some of our Israeli chanichim (we have three!).

Later that day, we hosted Yom Meluchlach (Messy Day) where we made oobleck, shaved balloons (with straws!), and played drip, drip, drop! We closed the day off with a massive paint fight! It was certainly a messy day for the books!

On Friday we had our Cochavim tiyul (trip) and we went bowling at DolrBill’s, played around at the Children’s Movement Center, and topped the day off with ice cream at Carvel!

We are all excited for another beautiful Shabbat together! This week’s theme in Cochavim is Shabbat Giborim (Heroes)!

Shabbat Shalom,

Jake Greenberg, Rosh Cochavim, Kayitz 2017