Cochavim 2017–Week 4

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There’s an old saying at camp: The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days! Here we are, nearing the end of an amazing summer for our 58 Cochavim chanichim (campers) who have spent the past four weeks with us at Camp Ramah in the Berkshires. With just a few short days left up at camp, we have been packing in the fun all throughout this past week.

On Sunday night, we had a camp-wide Zimriyah (song fest), where each edah (division) prepared a song to sing in front of the rest of the camp. Cochavim joined forces with Gesher (the oldest division) to sing “Oseh Li Tov.” Our chanichim loved singing along with the other edot (divisions) and had a blast getting to sing and dance with all of camp at the end of the night.

On Monday night, we had Leil Yisrael (Israel Night) where we did activities learning about the tunnels of the Western Wall and drip irrigation. Then on Tuesday night, we had a Q&A session with Rabbi Esther Reed and each chanich got to design a kippah.

Throughout our day together on Thursday, we ha
d fun pretending to be secret agents, detectives, and spies during our Yom CSI. Our chanichim are learning skills about being sneaky, how to dress undercover, and un-solve a crime case. For our afternoon chatif (snack) today, we decorated cookies with frosting to look like thumbprints. On Thursday night, we had a camp-wide Scavenger Hunt to finally catch the criminal who is trying to get rid of Hebrew at camp!

We are looking forward to our last Shabbat together as an edah. Eight more chanichim will be reading Torah for the first time and we will learn about our parshat hashavua (weekly Torah portion) by playing Torah Trivia and acting in a Parsha play.

Shabbat Shalom!

Jake Greenberg
Rosh Cochavim, Kayitz 2017