Cochavim 2017–Week 3

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It is hard to believe that our third week of camp is already coming to a close! From Thursday afternoon into Fridaymorning, Cochavim has had an amazing Yom Gan Chayot (Zoo Day) where we have done all sorts of peulot (activities) relating to animals. This morning started off with crafting animal masks and getting some animal-inspired face paint.

On Monday night, we had an amazing “Reverse Talent Show” peulat erev (evening activity) where chanichim (campers) got to show off their hidden abilities. Talents ranged from “do your best cartwheel” and “recite the Aleph-bet as quickly as you can” to “sing the Cochavim song with the most ruach” and “do your best impression of Jake” (some of which were a little too accurate).

During tefillah (services) on Wednesday morning, the campers all engaged in a peulah (activity) in regards to the relationship between HaShem (G-d) and humans. They were each given a note card with cut-out squares to represent humans and triangles to represent HaShem. It was wonderful to see the ways they portrayed their personal relationships and the relation between HaShem and people on their cards and it was even more inspiring to hear their insight as they explained their artwork.

We are once again praying that we have a rain-free Shabbat this weekend as we anticipate beautiful tefillah and reading from the Torah. Last Shabbat, eight of our chanichim read Torah for the very first time! We also had eightchanichim recite the aliyah b’rachot (blessings), a group perform in a Parsha Play written by some of ourmadrichot (counselors) and we had several campers answer Torah Trivia questions with great attention to detail. We are looking forward to participation from even more chanichim as we learn about parshat Pinchas this week!

Shabbat Shalom!

Jacob Greenberg, Rosh Cochavim