Cochavim 2017–Week 2

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On Tuesday night, we had a Leil Engineering (Engineering Night) where our chanichim (campers) used an assortment of materials and their imaginations to construct different objects. Each group came up with something unique and creative while constructing a spaceship and a Torah. During tefilla (prayer) on Wednesday morning, we gathered in kvutzot (groups) to talk about Birkot HaShachar and create lists of things we are thankful. Last night, we enjoyed a wonderful musical production of Beauty and the Beast, which was performed by the Gesher chanichim (the oldest campers in camp). Everyone loved the happy ending between Belle (who is one of our Counselors-in-Training) and the Beast and enjoyed hearing “Be Our Guest” sung in both English and Hebrew! Lastly, on Thursday morning , Rabbi Barry Katz joined us during tefilla to teach us all about being a sofer (a writer of Torah scrolls and the scrolls found in mezuzot and tefillin) followed by our Cochavim tiyul (trip) on Friday.

Cochavim is having a SUPER summer!

Shabbat Shalom!

Jake Greenberg,Rosh Cochavim