Bogrim – Week 7

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bog 1 week 7.jpgBogrim is coming off of a really special week that started off with the Rikkudiah, new activities, a great Yom Daled, and our last sports practices. Our Yom Daled was “Yom Tov”, in which we celebrated a few chagim. The Purim Carnival and Prince of Egypt sing-along were great hits! Thursday followed with an amazing Yom Palmer. Full of high energy and sportsmanship, the chanichim competed so well– whether they won or not.

This Shabbat  will be devoted to the excitement, anticipations, and fears of entering high school.  We’ll study  Jewish traditions and texts that deal with transitions, growth, and tough choices. This should be a great segue to the new year, and a meaningful conclusion to a summer of development and growth.

Shabbat shalom!

Hannah Kober
Rosh Bogrim