Bogrim–Week 1

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This week our chanichim (campers) enjoyed a jam packed, fun filled 4 days, including specialty activities in nagarut (woodworking), shirah (singing), baking, wilderness survival, fishing, and drawing just to name a few! With some amazing peulot erev (night activities) such as Hungry Hippos Trivia and Super Tick Tack Toe our first week together has been off to a terrific start. So many incredible peulot tzrif (bunk activites), instilling bunk bonding, were also part of the week’s program. Today, boker tzrif, a morning filled with themed bunk activities, was fun for all.  Boker Raton featured seated zumba/ pilates, and a 2:00 o’clock Early Bird Special Dinner; Boker Zombie Apocalypse; Boker Moana with paddles boarding at the agam (lake), and homemade boat races were all part of our day.

We are looking forward to completing the week with Shabbat ShaBuddy, a Shabbat where chanichim  are intentionally mixed into activities with chanichim that they might not know!

It’s been an amazing week for bogrim and we are looking forward to a phenomenal kayitz!

Shabbat Shalom.

Naama Malomet

Rosh Bogrim